City of Saskatoon Temporary Snow Storage Site

Recently all households in Briarwood should have received notice of a public meeting held October 23 to discuss the City of Saskatoon plans for a temporary snow storage site adjacent to Briarwood. Two Board members of the Briarwood Community Association (BCA) attended the meeting to listen to the City's plans to minimize disruption  to the neighborhood. While a number of our concerns were addressed, BCA will be sending a follow up letter to the City outlining some remaining concerns, mainly regarding heavy truck traffic on 8th Street, noise and light pollution from the site itself, and management of contaminants within the site. For any residents who were not able to attend the meeting, we have included the following documents that were provided at the meeting:

 We will post our letter to the City once completed as well as any response received from them.

2014 Briarwood Community Association - Membership Drive

The Briarwood Community Association (BCA) is a community based non-profit organization with the goal of “promoting the well-being of the neighborhood”.  

The people best suited to understand how to enhance the quality of life for the community, is those who live in the community!  The BCA volunteers work diligently to determine where its efforts should be placed to meet the desires and expectations of those within the community.

The BCA focuses on providing the following value to the community:

  • Organizing individual health and welfare programs;
  • Organizing youth recreational programs (indoor and outdoor);
  • Managing/maintaining an outdoor rink;
  • Resident safety and protection of property;
  • Neighborhood asset management (preservation and enhancement of facilities (e.g. roads, sidewalks, parks, etc.);
  • Representing the community needs and issues to the City of Saskatoon;
  • Regular communication to residents on upcoming events, programs and inviting feedback/concerns;
  • Managing financial resources of the Association with best practices, strategic planning and stewardship.

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