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Outdoor Rink Coordinator Needed!!

Love the outdoors? Want to play in the snow with a quad? Then we have a deal for you. We are still looking for a volunteer to take over the Outdoor Rink Coordinator position at our Annual General Meeting in April. As this is a position that requires training for both the setup and maintenance of the Briarwood Lake rink we would like to see someone become involved while the rink is still operating this winter. Additional volunteers to assist the coordinator would also be appreciated to share the workload. With the beautiful weather this winter the rink is seeing high usage and if you or your family are using the rink please take a moment to consider what a loss it would be to the community if it does not operate next winter. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. more for information.

Regarding this year’s rink, we would like to thank Brander Enterprises (Meadow Lake) for the donation of firewood, the Sheppard family for supplying power for the evening light and Aquifer Distribution for loan of the water pump for flooding. Thanks to all of you as well as to Chuck Miles and family for the ongoing maintenance work!!!